Therese Pace

....Trains of Thought

on learning I had suffered a mild stroke

Looks like your brain misbehaved,

the doctor says. Mistook its laws

for choices. Moved left when you

pushed for forward; took forward

for sides. Took umbrage at your

form, cool, wits, it having a mind

of its own to run you. Like humans

err, so do bodies, he continues, that,

unlike in elections, are not equipped

to calculate for misdeeds of this kind

allowing for a margin of error. And

you cannot object to a fait accompli,

up in arms, manouvring straight

for combat. You who thought

you had all in control, can only,

now, surrender pride to damage.




Walking up the street


I can touch both walls

with the span of my arms.

The houses on the left,

adorned, reach out to me

flaunting their assets:

old age enduring pieces

of good taste. Even time,  

it seems, is allowed choice

of who to mark in passage.

Those on the right, decayed,

neglect peeling their faces

scream for intervention.

Then, their cause ignored

as though they were time wasters,

they resign themselves once more

to piling pigeon droppings. 



              Ensemble of Things

Always, I’m an ensemble of things:

   dream catcher, nurse, plumber, technician.

      Jack of all trades embedded in a wife.


I do not seek these trades. They seek me.
   Today I am a robot, cherry pink and wet.

      How else can I get order out of shambles?


I rush, flipping over the headlines like

   a jet ski skims the water. Beneath my power

      all the house trembles: the shelves that hate


make-overs; wall plugs torn apart; loose cat hair

   loathing suction; the pans fearing abrasion. 
      The whirr of my engine buzzes me around,


whizzing past tables, chairs, cupboards to make

   the floorboards glimmer, to cancel dust, 
      to make clothes crisp, glass sparkle.


I dote on Kelp for power. He whittles down

   the tasks, the short breath, tends to the

      mouths demanding meals - love’s missive.


Today I am a robot. Tomorrow yet again.

   One day I’ll work for wages, but settle

       for love’s labour until then.                                    

Ir-Re tal-Ġungla u s-Skiet Misterjuż

ISBN 978-99957-48-20-3
Faraxa Publishers
Author Therese Pace
Illustrator Salvina Louise Aquilina
Printed Bestprint Co. Ltd. Qrendi, Malta

New Release

In Her Element...a poetry collection in the English Language. 

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  • Paperback: 92 pages
  • Publisher: Faraxa Publishing (USA) (December 27, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 999578288X
  • ISBN-13: 978-9995782887
  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.2 x 8.5 inches
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Rebbieħa tal-Konkors tal-Poeżija 2013 Għaqda Poeti Maltin



                                                                               Photo: Omar Seguna

Awarded 1st Prize in the National Poetry contest 2013 and the Buontempo Trophy as Overall Winner


 l-għajnejn baxxuti

dwiemes tar-rażan

iqattru l-ġulepp


xfar il-mistħija,

kpiepel is-satra,

ħbub ir-rispett


skarsi bħat-tames

għonja bħall-blieles,

bħall-ħaġar f’ċurkett


iż-żamma titgħawwem

f’għamarthom mansweta

bħall-versi ta’ skjett


fil-leħħ mieles tagħhom

jixxaħxaħ il-galbu

u s-safa timtedd


oħlom jekk trid

il-qawma tas-sensi,

l-iskarn taż-żagħżugħ


bla ddardar l-indafa

--bandiera tal-ġisem

u Astraea tar-ruħ--


bla tniġġes dil-manna  

li ttaffi f’siegħetha                  

t-tgergira tal-ġuħ.



 Ti presterò la luce dei miei occhi

Serpente arno, per non perdere strada

E ignaro, nel vagare, scarabocchi

L’amar sorte di sponda e di contrada.


Ti presterò mie curve ciocciattelle

cosi che puoi sedurre gli artisti

che nell’immortalar dipingon belle

opere d’arte, prestigiosi acquisti.


Ti presterò il rossor del sangue caldo 

per fermentarlo ʼssai in vino santo

che dai vigneti, rosso o smeraldo,

raccoglieresti dalle colli accanto.


Ti presterò l’abbàglio mio occhiale

che tu potresti rispecchiarti in mille luci,

che tu mostrar potessi quel geniale

eterno dilagarsi che conduci.                 


Cosa mi presteresti tu, chiedendo

se non l’ammalio della tua essenza

che io, oramai, sedotta essendo

amico fiume, non voglio farmi senza?


Awarded a Special Mention



                             ‘Woman’ by Therese Pace

© George Bosela.

We received many worthy entries to our Poetry Prize contest, but in the end we could only choose one winner. It gives us great pleasure to announce the winning poem, ‘Woman’ by Therese Pace.


To her, Nature has been kind and cruel.
Fitted her with a heart that walks her
strong, fragile, her soft pulpous endocarp
tender with pain, flexed with resilience.

In her special ordinariness she watches
the world go by; suffers at its hands;
appeases, dispensing with favours like
bucketfuls of rain upon the sidewalk.

A buttress, earthquakes will not shift her.
Grappling, she vigils on midnight fevers;
dims, recedes, draping her corporeity
around her sentiments like a tee shirt.

Her kinkiness has punch. Her dignity
is weighed with mien. She carries creation
on her navel like a pinafore. Man installs
himself in the palace of her heart like

original sin. Because of him she grows
boughs upon trees, reaches for the moon;
dwarfs, thrifting on choices and desires,
learning to soar and nosedive.

Her breasts are milk and honey. On them
she wears her talisman like a scimitar,
her paradox like a broach: lantern,
olive sprig, sponge and kernel stone.

You can watch Hearth by Claire Power, the video that inspired the poem, right here.

16th November 2012

1st in the Maltese category and overall winner receiving the Buontempo Trophy (photo courtesy of Patrick sammut)

Oratorio Il-Qaddisa tas-Salib

Versi: Therese Pace
            Mużika: Mro. Clifford F. Cauchi

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A set of Six Story/Poem Books for Children

sett ta' sitt kotba ta' stejjer ħelwin għat-tfal maħsubin biex jinqraw fil-klassi biex bl-għajnuna tal-għalliema l-istudenti jkunu jistgħu jirriduċu l-istess stejjer f'poeżiji permezz tal-paġna tat-taħriġ. Huma għodda siewja f'idejn l-għalliema biex inisslu fit-tfal miċ-ċokon l-imħabba kemm għall-qari kif ukoll għall-poeżija.


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3rd Prize for the poem QALB L-IRMIXK and a 
Special Mention for the poem APIS MELLIFERA in the National Poetry Contest
November 2010

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